10 Short Inspirational Quotes About Life

When The Characters Are Really Alive Before Their Author, The Latter Does Nothing But Follow Them In Their Action, In Their Words, In The Situations Which They Suggest To Him.

Opening Night Is The Night Before The Play Is Ready To Open.

When The Audience Knows You Know Better, It’s Satire, But When They Think You Can’t Do Any Better. It’s A Corn.

The Unencumbered Stage Encourages The Truth Operative In Everyone. The Less Seen, The More Heard. The Eye Is The Enemy Of The Ear In Real Drama.

If I’d Known I Was Gonna Live This Long (100 Years), I’d Have Taken Better Care Of Myself.

Grow Old With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be. The Last Of Life, For Which The First Was Made: Our Times Are In His Hands Who Sayeth “A Whole I Plant. Youth Shows But Half; Trust God: See All Nor Be Afraid.”

To Be Seventy Years Young Is Sometimes Far More Cheerful And Hopeful Than To Be Forty Years Old.

A Drainless Shower Of Light Is Poesy; Tis The Supreme Of Power; ‘Tis Might Half Slumb’ Ring On Its Own Right Arm.

Poverty Is Not A Profession, It’s A Destiny.

An Expert Is A Man Who Has Made All The Mistakes, Which Can Be Made, In A Very Narrow Field.

So There He Is At Last. Man On The Moon. The Poor, Magnificent Bungler! He Can’t Even Get To The Office Without Undergoing The Agonies Of The Damned, But Give Him A Little Metal, A Few Chemicals, Some Wire And 20 And 30 Billion Dollars And, Vroom! There He Is, Up On A Rock, A Quarter Of A Million Miles Up In The Sky.

An Old Man Concludeth From His Knowing Mankind That They Know Him Too, And That Maketh Him Very Wary.

But. Lord Crist! Whan That It Remembreth Me, Upon My Yowthe, And On My Jolitee, It Tickleth Me Aboute Myn Herte Roote. Unto This Day It Dooth Myn Herte Boote That I Have Had My World As In My Tyme. But Age, Allas! That Al Wole Envenyme. Hath Me Biraft My Beautee And My Pith. Lat Go, Farewell! The Devel Go Therwith ! The Flour Is Goon, Ther Is Namoore To Telle; The Bren, As I Best Kan, Now Most I Selle. Short Inspirational Quotes About Life

I Refuse To Admit That I Am More Than 52, Even If That Makes My Sons Illegitimate.

Old Age Takes Away From Us What We Have Inherited And Gives Us What We Have Earned.

The Play Was A Great Success, But The Audience Was A Disaster.

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